Beef Stew with Herb Dumplings

This dish was created for the subreddit, /r/52weeksofcooking, where the theme was “Inspired by Books”. The last time we had this theme, my friend sent me a bunch of recipes from the official Harry Potter cookbook and with it being all cold out, stew sounded good. This is a common theme for me in the winter I am noticing. The added benefit of dumplings really intrigued me because I absolutely love dumplings in any fashion. Everything about this dish was delicious and definitely worth the wait. Even better were the left overs after all of the dumplings and veggies absorbed the liquid, then I just added some beef broth to reheat it.

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Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá

This dish was created for the subreddit, /r/52weeksofcooking, where the theme was “Portuguese”. Honestly, nothing really came to mind when I saw this theme. I have always wanted to visit Portugal and I have no doubt the food is amazing but I had no idea the kind of food that was made. Then I found this recipe and I thought of it like Portuguese lasagna due to the layering of the casserole. Plus, just like lasagna, this was much better the next day!

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Poutine-Style Twice-Baked Potatoes

This dish was created for the subreddit, /r/52weeksofcooking, where the theme was “Potatoes”. For a person who hates these boring themes and not the fondest of potatoes, I am really glad I made this. I found this theme boring because so many dishes have potatoes in them, I feel like they are like onions in that regard. Also, I was hesitant to make this because of the time commitment just for a baked potato but god damn it was so worth it.

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California Burrito

This dish was created for the subreddit, /r/52weeksofcooking, where the theme was “California Cuisine”. I grew up in California so when I saw this theme, I got a little nostalgic. Just the other week I was talking about how much I miss California burritos. I mean beans and rice are good and all but some times I want fries in my burrito. This definitely cured my craving for one and I am glad that I have enough to make a few more.

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Manhattan Clam Chowder

This dish was created for the subreddit, /r/52weeksofcooking, where the theme was “chowder”. The first thing I thought of was clam chowder because I love it but then I realised that I have never even eaten Manhattan Clam Chowder. After looking online, I found that most people either love or hate it and there was very little in between. I decided to give it a shot since looking at the ingredients, it seemed like it would taste really good.

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Vegetarian Curry Shepherd’s Pie

This dish was created for the subreddit, /r/52weeksofcooking, where the theme was “Made Healthy.” I have always loved Shepherd’s Pie because it is an amazing comfort food but like most comfort foods, not the healthiest. In order to make this healthy, I decided to go with a vegetarian option and not use butter in the my mashed potatoes (the recipe says butter because I plan to make this again). I am really glad that I decided to go with a lot of spices in this because mashed potatoes without butter did not taste quite right. Other than that, this was absolutely delicious and I have been eating it all week.

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Chicken and Gnocchi Soup

I was not really planning on making this dish because I have been making a lot of soup, stew, and chili recipes lately. Then I thought how much I really love homemade gnocchis. Every time I make Gnocchis, I somehow forget how much of a pain in the ass they are. Probably because while I am eating them, I am so overjoyed with how they taste. Normally, I make them like I would a normal pasta and just dump sauce on them so I wanted to try something different and I had most of the ingredients already. While the soup was really good, the next day was even better!

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