Chicken Enchilada Quinoa

This dish was created for the subreddit, /r/52weeksofcooking, where the theme was “tex-mex”. Well I was trying to do something that I have not made before and I really like quinoa. While this is definitely not an enchilada but more of a quinoa casserole, I still really liked it so I do not care.

You could substitute the enchilada sauce for store bought, just use about 1 1/2 cups.

Cilantro would go really well with this but I did not think about it at the time.

A** Blood is a hot chili powder that I make with ghost chilis.

  • Servings: 8
  • Difficulty: easy
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  • Course: Entree
  • Cuisine: Tex-mex
  • Preparation Time: 15 minutes
  • Cooking Time: 55 minutes

Enchilada Sauce Ingredients

1 Tablespoon Canola Oil
1 Tablespoon Flour
1 Tablespoon Chili Powder
1 1/2 oz Tomato Paste
1/4 teaspoon Cumin
1/4 Garlic Powder
1/8 teaspoon Cayenne Powder
1/8 teaspoon A** Blood
1 teaspoon Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
1/2 teaspoon Kosher Salt

Enchilada Ingredients

1 Cup Quinoa, uncooked
2 Cups Chicken Broth
1/2 Onion
2 Jalapeno Peppers
2 Serrano Peppers
2 Cloves Garlic
1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
1 teaspoon Cumin
1 teaspoon Chili Powder
2 Cups Chicken, shredded and cooked
1 Cup Frozen Corn
1 1/2 Cups Cheddar Cheese
2 Roma Tomatoes
1 Avocado


  1. Start by making the Enchilada Sauce; in a small pot, combine the Canola Oil, Flour, and Chili Powder. Cook over medium heat until it starts to bubble (about 1 – 3 minutes).
  2. Whisk constantly and cook the paste for 1 – 2 more minutes.
  3. Slowly pour 1 Cup of Cold Water while whisking. Add the Tomato Paste, Cumin, Garlic Powder, Cayenne Powder, A** Blood, Cocoa Powder, and Kosher Salt. Whisk until smooth and continue to heat.
  4. Let the sauce come up to a simmer and let it thicken (about 3 – 5 minutes). Set aside for later.
  5. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  6. In a medium pot, combine the Quinoa and Chicken Broth. Bring to a boil over high heat.
  7. Cover, reduce heat to low, and simmer until the liquid is absorbed (about 15 – 20 minutes). Fluff with fork and remove from heat, covered.
  8. Meanwhile, dice the Onion and mince the Jalapeno Peppers, Serrano Peppers, and Garlic.
  9. In a large skillet, heat the Olive Oil over medium heat.
  10. When the Oil is hot, add the diced Onion, minced Jalapeno Peppers, minced Serrano Peppers, and Garlic. Cook until fragrant (about 3 – 5 minutes).
  11. Add the Cumin and Chili Powder and stir until combined.
  12. Add the Cooked Chicken, Frozen Corn, and about 1 Cup Enchilada Sauce (reserving the rest) and stir until combined.
  13. By this time, the Quinoa should be done; add the Quinoa and stir until combined.
  14. Shred the Cheddar Cheese to the top of everything.
  15. Bake until the Cheddar Cheese is melted (about 15 minutes).
  16. Meanwhile, chop the Roma Tomatoes and dice the Avocado.
  17. When everything is done baking top with the chopped Tomatoes, diced Avocado, and drizzle the rest of the Enchilada Sauce.

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